• “I was a nontraditional candidate with a very specific search criteria - to put it somewhat crudely, both a beggar and a chooser. Nonetheless, over a period of 2+ years, the DSP team worked with me to help me secure my dream job. They were gracious about the roles I rejected and kind enough to recommend me for several positions other recruiters may have discouraged me from. I now have the role I always wanted, and the team at DSP played a huge part in helping me get here. Can’t recommend them highly enough!”
    • “Dynamics introduced me to a number of funds that I would not have otherwise had access to. They were extremely helpful in providing me with the best available opportunities, coaching me through the process, and helping me make the best decision for my career goals.”
    • “Working with Dynamics was different from working with other search firms for two reasons: their consultative approach and client roster. Even though I was a candidate and not a client, I felt like they had my best interests in mind. Also, they were able to connect me with firms that were a great fit with what I was looking for.”
    • “DSP facilitated an efficient and successful process, connecting me with multiple leading hedge funds over the course of 2 weeks. I appreciated the DSP team’s focus on finding the right fit based on my background and goals - excited that this led to a home run outcome.”
    • “Dynamics did a fantastic job helping me identify and navigate many attractive opportunities across asset classes. They did a great job connecting me to world class institutions that fit what I was looking for. Furthermore, the team did a great job coaching and guiding me through the process and touched base frequently - I really enjoyed the entire process and I am very happy with how things played out.”
    • “DSP’s steadfast commitment to my success, unparalleled industry relationships, and thoughtful advice helped me achieve a step-function career move. The DSP team is deeply knowledgeable, hardworking, and professional - I have a tremendous amount of respect for how DSP does business.”
    • “DSP is always a pleasure to work with and is a leader in the recruiting space. The combination of a wide-ranging network of client relationships with an intense dedication to the individuals they work with, sets Dynamics apart from other search firms. The firm’s knowledge and expertise across the entire investing landscape also made them the perfect partner throughout the recruiting process. I look forward to working with them on future job placements.”
    • “DSP was an extremely helpful resource as I navigated my transition from the private markets to the public markets. They provided valuable insights, even for other non-DSP processes, and made my search SO much easier. They were invested in me since day 1.”
    • “Dynamics used their incredible network to put me in front of a half a dozen top tier firms, enabling me to access some of the best opportunities in the market. Specifically, my recruiter’s warm personality and wit brought levity and clarity to even the most stressful moments of the interview process. They guided me to the pros and cons of each role and helped me ultimately discover the perfect fit. Thanks to the Dynamics team I’m loving my new role, but if that ever changes Dynamics is the first place I’ll call.”
    • “DSP is a thoughtful partner in our talent efforts, from sourcing to closing, and every step in between!”
    • “DSP was the best firm I worked with throughout the recruitment process. Their level of experience / expertise made a tremendous difference in being able to connect with some of the best buy side opportunities, with continued guidance throughout the process. Everyone I connected with at DSP seemed truly passionate about placing me and finding the right role for both parties. So happy I found them to help with the process, I am so fortunate to be in my new role!”
    • “Dynamics is a fantastic partner. They source high quality opportunities only and do not waste your time. Each person I dealt with at DSP made sure to fully understand my particular interests, and the process felt like a team effort from start to finish.”
    • “DSP was incredibly helpful in my job search process. They took the time to get to know exactly the types of roles I was looking for and only suggested open positions that met my criteria. The interview prep, responsiveness, and overall process transparency were far better than at any other search firm I worked with!”
    • “Dynamics takes the time to understand the culture of our business and anticipates our needs. Working with Dynamics is like working with someone who is an extension of our brand because they care about who we hire just as much as we do. They support the entire recruiting process with good communication and meaningful updates. I can’t recommend them enough.”
    • “When it was time for me to make a career change, DSP was the only firm I called. Not only do they have more relationships with top funds than anyone else, but the DSP team had spent four years patiently counseling me while I remained in my prior job. Recruiting is always going to be stressful, but the DSP team made it as easy and streamlined as possible. These folks have a reputation for being the best and they 100% live up to it. I am so thrilled with the role I landed at my new fund – and it is in large part due to DSP’s help and guidance.”

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